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Face and Beauty Treatments

For Smoother, Younger Looking Skin

Without need for surgery, our full range of facial rejuvenation treatments can help give you a fresher and younger-looking complexion.

Treatments can reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines, forehead furrows, laughter lines, neck lines and excessive sweating.

At Teamcare Dental Practice we offer a full range of dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle treatments to help boost your appearance, soften lines and wrinkles and increase your confidence!

face-and-beauty-treatments-bedfordOur qualified professional facial aesthetics practitioner can offer you a FREE consultation to discuss your concerns and results you would like to achieve.

By carrying out a full facial consultation, we can discuss the benefits of the different treatments available, and how your confidence can be boosted with some simple, but effective treatments with minimal discomfort.

Our team has been trained in this field, and has helped countless patients regain a youthful, radiant and natural look.

We can help you expel the myths and explore your options to achieve a smoother yet natural look – we pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ needs and achieving such natural results that no one may even know you have had a treatment done if you want to keep it a secret!

You will not look expressionless or frozen which is always a concern for potential clients, just smoother and fresher and years younger! If you do want a more pronounced celebrity type look we can also discuss your options for this as there are many different treatments available!

Areas that can be treated include: Frown lines – Crow’s feet – Forehead lines – Thin or uneven lips – Fine lines around the lips (smokers lines/ lipstick bleed lines) – Nose to mouth lines/folds.

If you are thinking about having some sort of facial aesthetics treatment you might have lots of questions before you start especially if you haven’t had this type of treatment done before.

before and after botox

We offer free consultations with our lovely facial aesthetics practitioner, but we also thought we would show you the most frequently asked questions we receive to hopefully help you make your decision that little bit easier!

Frequently Asked Questions


For dermal filler treatment on sensitive areas like the lips we use topical cream to numb the area before treatment, and we can also offer dental anaesthetic for the lips and around the mouth which is something only a dental professional can offer you.

Clients who have previously had lip treatments elsewhere and found it painful are amazed how painless it can be at Teamcare Dental Practice!


You might find you experience a little bruising and swelling after the treatment but this really varies from patient to patient and you may find that you don’t get any at all.

You shouldn’t need any time off work and any bruising can be covered by make up from the day after treatment.


In a word NO! Here at Teamcare Dental Practice our focus is on a natural, fresher look.

I am sure you have all seen celebrities or even people on the street who have that frozen, expressionless look which we feel gives these kind of treatments a negative spin, a full consultation with Allysun will allow you to tell her the look you would like to achieve.


Leslie Ash’s lips have certainly not done the world of facial aesthetics any favours! We will listen to your concerns and treatment aims and tailor your treatment to you as an individual.

You can be reassured on achieving natural, fuller, more defined lips to the degree you desire without looking ‘trouty’!


Treatment generally takes around 30 minutes, the results are immediate for dermal fillers and take 5-10 days for anti wrinkle treatments.

Results can last between 3-9 months on average and wear off gradually with a return to your original appearance and no lasting effect once the treatment has worn off.


This will really depend on you! It also depends on the type of treatment and area which has been treated. Usually clients have said that because the result is so natural people usually notice something different but can’t quite figure out what it is – often clients are told they look refreshed like they’ve had a good holiday or a rest!

Some clients want that wow factor and stronger result so that people instantly notice! It’s up to you – you can keep it as your little secret if you so wish!


Nothing! The results will wear off gradually and you will return to your normal self without any lasting effects or visible changes.

You can then decide if you would like to repeat your treatment or maybe have it just for a special occasion in the future.


As medical professionals we consider all the factors when providing treatments and we believe that these treatments are very safe when administered by a qualified insured professional such as ourselves.

Anti wrinkle injections have been used medically for other problems for may years, such as excessive sweating and for helping stroke sufferers, and we only use FDA approved products so the risk of complications is very low. Any possible side effects are fully discussed with you prior to treatment and full post operative care is provided.

We see our clients for a review 2 weeks after every treatment to check the results and take post treatment photographs (you can even have copies of your before and after photos!)

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